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CinnaChroma - 6 bottles

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Six (6) 30 ct. bottles of CinnaChroma Advanced Blood Sugar Support formula. Helps maintain healthy blood glucose metabolism.

CinnaChroma is:
• Formulated by a world-class physician, Dr. Scott Saunders

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Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Metabolism

Holy Perfume Helps Diabetes Sufferers
Fix those Blood Sugar Blues

There’s exciting news for diabetics looking to indulge your sweet tooth and get rid of the blood sugar blues. Because modern research and TIME magazine are calling a certain aromatic spice a “metabolic powerhouse” that alleviates the harmful effects of carbohydrates on the body. This remedy dates back to 1341 BCE after God brought his chosen people out of slavery in Egypt. Moses was commanded to release this sweet smelling spice in a place called the “Tent of Meeting,” where God would talk with Moses. No perfume, no meeting. This divine spice is cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a Sweet Savior for Folks With Blood Sugar Issues Who Want FREEDOM from their Own Slavery . . .

Slavery to blood glucose monitors, expensive prescriptions, and the daily psychological strain of constantly managing this disease. But cinnamon on its own only provides a fraction of the answer. Which is why we combined a potent 10:1 cinnamon bark extract (shown to reduce blood glucose by up to 29% in just 40-days)1 with five other God-given ingredients into a natural formula that works wonders for mentally-drained, hungry and anxious type 2’s, called: CinnaChroma.

CinnaChroma is Dr. Saunders-formulated with the “super six” ingredients to help maintain healthy blood sugar, minimize the effects of carbohydrates, and support weight loss. You already learned about the main ingredient inside CinnaChroma, 10:1 cinnamon bark extract (“10:1” means you would need 10 doses of regular cinnamon to match just 1 dose of the potent extract in our formula).
We’ve also included:

Chromium Picolinate — chromium is essential for regulating blood sugar. Picolinate acts like a “tour guide” and takes chromium into the cells so they don’t get lost in the digestive tract. The two are almost useless when separated. But when combined, can reduce fasting blood glucose by 300% and lower post-meal glucose by 200%.

Vitamin D3 — a regulatory hormone that acts like a vitamin to support a number of biological processes, including glucose uptake into cells and insulin release. We include 5000 IUs, as recommended by Dr. Saunders.

Cinnachroma bottle

Vitamin K2 — reduces inflammation that comes with elevated blood sugar and works directly with vitamin D3 to support health and beat erratic blood sugar

Vanadium — a powerful trace element that moves glucose from the blood into cells to be used for energy. When paired with chromium picolinate, the two lower blood glucose and curb cravings to support weight loss.

Selenium — removes inflammation from cells and supports overall health and longevity. In a five year study, folks who supplemented with selenium had 37% less run-ins with cancer than those who did not.

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Almost all of my patients — and almost all people in general — are deficient in the key nutrients and minerals which I included in CinnaChroma. I recommend one per day with a meal. You can also take two per day, and it’s OK to skip a day on occasion. It supports balanced blood sugar and reduces spikes after eating too many carbohydrates.



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