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NeuroMetabolic Iodine - 2 oz bottle

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Supports cognitive, metabolic and thyroid function. Backed by our "365 Day Guarantee" so there is no risk to you!


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Supports Cognitive, Metabolic & Thyroid Function

This Lone Micronutrient Can Give You
Near Perfect Thyroid Health

The number of women with thyroid problems have doubled in the last decade. The thyroid hormone helps the body to convert both calories and oxygen into energy. But when this small butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck is on the fritz, it can cause bone-chilling fatigue, stubborn weight gain, headaches, and metabolic dysfunction. A sluggish thyroid can also cause your hair to fall out, sleepless nights, affect your confidence and work ethic, and can even cause you to feel down in the dumps. In other words —

Keeping your thyroid healthy is incredibly important for your health and happiness.

This small gland gives life and youthfulness to your body. It’s the most important hormonal gland in your body — that influences your metabolism, brain function and several key immune system functions. So when it’s defunct, you’re going to notice it at the office, in the gym, and you won’t be able to look the way you want to look in the mirror. But the good news is —

Doctors have found there’s one lone micronutrient that can give your thyroid a near perfect bill of health.

This micronutrient is iodine — and according to the National Institute of Health, most folks are deficient in this important micronutrient, which is why thyroid dysfunctions are on the rise. Your thyroid needs iodine in order to function properly because iodine tells your brain to produce more thyroid hormone. So without Iodine, those communication signals are non-existent.

But that’s why we created a simple way to get more iodine into your diet so your thyroid gets the nourishment it needs to function properly and support your total health. All you have to do is take an oral dose of our potent iodine formula — NeuroMetabolic Iodine — to deliver pharmaceutical grade iodine to your thyroid gland on a daily basis.

This Iodine Solution Is Completely Unique

It’s unique because it’s both a safe and easy to absorb form of iodine. Other companies offer iodine tinctures (drops that you place under your tongue) but none of them make a pure aqueous solution like this. Pure Iodine is a gas that is incredibly hard to stabilize. Many other companies combine iodine molecules with alcohols or plastics to stabilize them, which can be unsafe.

We’ve partnered with a company that, after decades of research, has invented a proprietary process that combines iodine molecules with distilled water. It can easily be absorbed and safely enjoyed. Your body will love it. NeuroMetabolic Iodine is made with natural ingredients, distilled water and manufactured in a GMP facility in North America.

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Claiming your bottles of NeuroMetabolic Iodine is the easiest way to support your thyroid health. Here’s another tip that’ll help tremendously: Eat foods rich in selenium and zinc like eggs, tuna, Brazil nuts, and oysters. These two minerals “activate” thyroid hormones to keep your thyroid healthy. Try to eat at least one of these foods per day.



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