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Reflux Reliever - 90 ct. bottle

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Reflux Reliever - Natural acid reflux & heartburn support formula, 90 capsules. And, it is backed with our "365 Day Guarantee" so there is no risk at all to you!



Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple Pectin, and Licorice Root

Golden Delicious Apple Acid Soothes Acid Reflux

Health Warning! A new study from Washington University School of Medicine recently discovered the most popular acid reflux drugs like Prevacid, Prilosec, Zegerid and Nexium have now been linked to increased risk of heart disease, kidney failure, stomach cancer, and a horrifying condition known as C-Diff with ongoing use — and are now labeled as dangerous by the FDA.

The odds of death over the 10-year study were up to 71% higher among patients1 who used the drugs for at least a year versus those who didn’t.

Plus NOT all apples have the same effect for acid reflux.

Get Rid of that Yucky, Burpy, Burning in Your Tummy & Throat — or Your Money Back!

But the good news is there’s a safe, gentle and natural remedy for acid reflux.

No more being thrust awake after inhaling your own stomach acid. Sour taste in your mouth. Playing keep-away from “trigger foods.” Avoiding snacks four hours before bed. The answer to acid reflux is found in a compound inside apples! However, I have to warn you that eating too many apples may show up on your waistline and blood sugar levels.

Due to modern farming techniques, all apples aren’t produced equally. Some of them are low in a soothing compound called “pectin” that helps relieve the root cause of acid reflux, GERD and heartburn. So we combined 2 “apple acids” with 2 other ingredients to help you finally get relief from acid reflux, in a formula called RefluxReliever. Here’s a closer look at how this natural acid reflux fix works:

Cinnachroma bottle

Apple Cider Vinegar — this friendly acid helps to balance the stomach’s pH levels by neutralizing stomach acid and thus relieving acid reflux. But here’s the trick: you don’t want to DRINK apple cider vinegar because it’ll wear down your tooth enamel. However, you can get all the power of this acid-soothing remedy in an apple cider vinegar capsule.

Apple Pectin — this ingredient has been shown in studies to relieve acid reflux. It helps boost good bacteria in the gut, which improves digestion and prevents acid reflux as a result. It also supports healthy blood sugar and may promote weight loss.

Licorice Root Extract — in three studies, licorice root extract was shown to significantly improve acid reflux and GERD symptoms better than the most commonly used antacids. It’s also been shown to treat peptic ulcers which can create acid-reflux-like symptoms.

Honey — the Indian Journal of Medical Research supports honey for acid reflux because it reduces inflammation in the esophagus. Honey is an antioxidant that prevents damage in the digestive tract that may cause acid reflux.

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