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EagleEye Vision - 120 ct. bottle

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Introducing EagleEye Vision, the ultimate solution for maintaining healthy vision and combating the effects of macular degeneration and eye pressure. Crafted with precision and backed by science, our formula is based on the renowned AREDS2 study, ensuring comprehensive support for your eye health.

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Helps To Support Healthy Eye Blood Vessels & Blood flow, Strengthen Vision Nerve Signals, and Designed To Boost Overall Eye Health Against Age and Health Related Vision issues. (Reclaim crystal clear vision with these vital eye health supernutrients now)

Protect Your Eyes Against Dark Floaters, Leaky Blood Vessels, Blurry Vision, Compromised Optic Nerves and Blinding Night Glares –With These 10 Crucial Vision Minerals and Nutrients Today.

Did you know…

The US National Eye Institute along with Prevent Blindness America reports: Diabetic retinopathy is now the leading cause of eye diseases that lead to blindness for people between the ages of 25 and 74.

For many folks in this age range, we could lose our crystal clear vision due to Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Glaucoma, and even cataracts. And it's not something that just happens as we reach our 60’s or later. It can actually start as soon as you reach your 40s – affecting over 20.5 million people today.1*

That’s because the vision problems we are facing may have nothing to do with our eyes or aging itself… Instead, the root issue of vision loss could be due to current health concerns.

With issues such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure and even the meds we take, they can all greatly affect the nerves and especially the blood vessels that connect our eyes to our brain.

This is why getting new glasses or even new contacts may no longer work for you like it once did. And it’s because glasses and certain general treatments do nothing for the underlying condition of supporting our optic nerves, and delivering nutrients to support blood vessels.

You see, damaged blood vessels could cause vision impairing blood flow blockage to your eyes… which cuts off vital oxygen and nutrients that our eyes and nerves depend on.2*

Beyond that, your body will start to grow new blood vessels to bypass this blockage… but unfortunately, these new blood vessels are much weaker and even will start to leak blood. Which is why many people will start seeing blobs of dark floaters.

This blood vessel damage is one of the main reasons why folks with Type 2, and many others, will often need retina injections to stop this leakage, growth and bleeding from these abnormal blood vessels in the eye. 3*

On top of that, these problems can make us much more sensitive to light, causing blinding night glares that make it dangerous for us to drive in the evenings.

Lastly, with compromised blood flow support, our optic nerves that send vision along with eye repairing signals to the brain can also be affected.

Plus, if you are taking certain meds, such as metformin, it's been reported that with longer term use, these meds can decrease vitamin B12 levels. And since vitamin B is vital for repairing our nerves and cell walls,*4 many of us could be mistakenly blocking our nerve repair process even further.

That’s why it’s so important for us to replenish our eyes with these 10 super vision boosting nutrients that take care of our eye’s vessels, nerves, and even our retina at the same time–helping the body revitalize our vision, blood flow, nerves and overall eye health – so we can have clarity well into our later years.


Remember, In order to have healthy vision well into our 70’s 80’s 90’s and beyond… It's vital that you take care of your optic nerves, blood vessels and even help support our eye cells all at the same time. It’s not enough just to support 1 single part… as the damaged areas could sabotage all the hard work we put in.

Plus, Just like with food, consuming the right amount is crucial. That's why Eagle Eye Vision was carefully developed through extensive research to determine the perfect dosage for those with vision health concerns.

The vision-supporting nutrients in Eagle Eye Vision have been proven by numerous studies to assist in enhancing visual clarity, potentially reducing symptoms like floaters, supporting the health of the retina, and defending against vision-related issues. These ingredients are designed to work throughout the day, gradually releasing in the body to promote ongoing eye health and replenish essential nutrients that many might be lacking.

Adopting this straightforward daily habit is a breeze for individuals of all ages, freeing you from the hassle of tirelessly searching for and preparing foods packed with essential nutrients for eye health. Best of all, enjoy the benefits of clear vision and the confidence it brings to every aspect of your life, from reading fine print with ease to navigating the world around you with precision.



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