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Fiber Greens (Apple) - 30 servings

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Fiber Greens - Low-carb blood sugar & digestive support formula. Complete with 30 delicious superfoods. And, it is backed with our "365 Day Guarantee" so there is no risk at all to you!


Refreshing Low-Sugar & Digestive Support Formula

Helps Maintain Healthy Arteries, Improves Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Control And Designed to Boost Overall Digestive Health

Protect Your Digestive & Intestinal Health From "Leaky Gut," "Leaky Stool," and "Constipation Pains" (Smoothly Flush Out Trapped Toxins & Waste)

We've been told our whole life to eat more veggies to have good bowel movements. BUT, it’s no longer enough. That's because the plants and fruits we eat today no longer contain the same amount of nutrients and minerals that it once did in the past. This is a result of over farming, little to no crop rotation, depleted & eroded soils, and our current massive use of pesticide. And since the foods we eat are only as nutritious as the soils it’s grown in… Most of the foods we eat are now malnutritious, and can no longer fulfill the essential needs of our body (especially our digestive system needs.)

Furthermore, the overuse of pesticides has not only injected dangerous chemicals into our foods, it’s also eliminated all the good microorganisms that our plants need to develop and hold the nutrients we look for. This is why so many Amercains, (even those who follow a perfect diet,) are now facing such a severe fiber, vitamin and mineral deficiency crisis. Yes, this fiber and mineral deficiency in our food has impacted your gut lining and caused your digestive system to no longer optimally process or even absorb the veggies you are eating. And since your gut health is directly linked to those conditions, improving your digestive system is the key first step you must take in managing those illnesses and also to defend future woes. Now beyond affecting our underlying conditions, poor digestive gut health can also cause some embarrassing and painful bowel movements.

Without enough fiber and minerals, our digestive gut and intestinal wall (which is only one cell thick) can become weakened. This allows digestive acids and bowel remains to leak into the body, causing uncomfortable side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, bloating and even skin problems, such as acne, rashes, or eczema. And this leaky-gut damage can further stop the nutrients and fiber your body needs from being absorbed properly. And worse, delaying digestion, raising blood sugar levels, increases blood pressure & raising the risk of heart illness.

So Dr. Saunders and our team of experts worked to create a supplement with ALL the fiber ingredients you need, in delicious, easy-to-absorb, doctor-recommended dosages!

Fiber Greens is packed with the doctor-formulated, clinically studied and approved ingredients to help you meet the fiber requirements needed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, improve carbohydrate tolerance, and support healthy fat loss – which are all leading causes of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart complications.

Fiber Greens contains a blend of 27 doctor-formulated superfood greens including the super fiber, Psyllium Husk, along with other key vitamins and nutrients, such as Ginger Root, Jerusalem Artichoke, and Chromium.

All of these ingredients (along with 27 different Superfoods Greens) are included at the exact dosages in a refreshing apple flavor.

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It's important to understand that these ingredients are considered "foods" and not synthetic lab-made chemicals. Now just like food, eating the right amount is vital. That’s why we developed Fiber Greens through rigorous testing to formulate the perfect amount for those who have blood flow and heart issues.

And the superfood greens ingredients found in Fiber Greens have been shown by numerous clinical trials and studies to significantly help people lower LDL cholesterol levels as well as two other lipid markers for heart disease. And it works all day as it absorbs bile acids and cholesterol, which are then eliminated from the body during bowel movements – all while helping to relax and clear out blocked arteries, allowing those with heart issues to enjoy their favorite salty & fatty foods (in moderation), without having to constantly worry about their heart blood flow. And remember, when these nutrients are combined, it also fights high blood sugar and insulin resistance... which are also associated with arterial plaque.

These are the most powerful and fast acting ingredients that make having a healthy heart easy and foods ENJOYABLE again - so you don't have to completely cut out salts, red meats and fats!



  • D.
    My diabetes is gone
    I’ve been taking this medicine for five months and my A1C has gone from 6 to 5.5 my doctor was very impressed!
    My doctor had taken me off of my insulin and Atorvastatin. I’m thrilled.

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