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Nervala - 30 ct. bottle

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NERVALA Advanced Peripheral Nervous System Support formula, 30 capsules. Helps maintain nerve health.

• Formulated by a functional medicine specialist, Dr. Scott Saunders, MD
• Advanced Peripheral Nervous System Support

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Helps Maintain Nerve Health

Protect Your Nerves from “Pins and Needles” Neuropathy Pain

Has your check engine light ever come on while driving down the highway? Followed by a puff of smoke from the hood of your car? That’s a sure sign your engine has overheated. In the same way, if you’re experiencing “pins and needles” stabbing in your hands, a tingling sensation in your fingers and toes, or it feels like your feet are roasting by a fire while you try to sleep, it’s a sure sign that your nerves are “overheating” and enduring a serious amount of nerve damage — caused from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, an altered metabolism, and . . .

a little known villain that’s literally setting your nerves “on fire” with inflammation flare-ups.

These little-known culprits of painful and damaging inflammation are “oxygen free radicals.” A free radical is an unstable molecule that combusts and causes inflammation in your nerve cells. And it’s even worse for diabetics. Because with diabetes, high blood sugar multiplies these free radicals so your nerves never get a chance to cool down or function normally.

— Left to fester, these free radicals damage the nerves and keep them under constant attack until the inflammation literally burns up your nerve cells!

But an exciting scientific breakthrough from top diabetic medical journals found all it takes to cool down your nerves and restore them to their natural health is a potent combination of two compounds that can soothe and reverse nerve damage in as little as a few weeks. This pair of ingredients is the only known way to stop the source of nerve damage so the nerves can actually heal.

They’ve even been shown to shut down “sugar aging,” which is cell damage inflicted by sugar.

And that won’t only restore your nerves, but may actually help rub away years of noticeable aging in the mirror and support total health and longevity for years to come. We’ve combined these two ingredients in a brand new supplement designed for optimum nerve health called NERVALA.

NERVALA is the one supplement that addresses the root cause of nerve pain. It pairs two ingredients that keep the nerves from overheating while helping to repair them — alpha lipoic acid and benfotiamine.

Alpha Lipoic Acid — a powerful super antioxidant that counteracts free radical attacks and puts out the flaming fires of inflammation they cause in the nerves. Unlike other antioxidants, ALA can cross over cell membranes and get inside the nerves to cool down the heat and restore nerve function quickly.

Benfotiamine — while ALA cools down nerves, benfotiamine repairs the lining of the micro-circulation to give the nerves nutrients and take away the toxins. Essentially this is what diabetes does . . . It’s running your nerves "powerhouse" engine into the ground, which causes damage to the nerve and exposes electricity. But together, alpha lipoic acid and benfotiamine give your nerves a 1-2 pain-relieving punch that other supplements simply don’t provide. They also help to prevent neuropathy pain from returning.

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Along with taking NERVALA, there are other tiny tweaks you can make to your diet that will help relieve neuropathy pain and support your nerves. First is to eat more fish. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and acetyl-l-carnitine — both help with neuropathy. Also spice your food with curcumin — it calms total body inflammation to help provide fast relief.



  • BelieverPatriot
    At first, the product gave good results, relieving the stinging, firey pain in the soles of my feet. That was for the first 60 days while taking 2 capsules per day, as per written directions. After 60 days, per directions, the dosage was reduced to 1 capsule a day. That was Feb 2nd. Within a few days, the firey, stinging pain was returning with a vengeance. I have since upped the dosage back to 2 capsules a day. And I am again getting the relief I need.

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