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NiagaraXL - 60 ct. bottle

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NiagaraXL - Male testosterone performance formula, 60 capsules. Natural energy, strength & libido support. And, it is backed with our "365 Day Guarantee" so there is no risk at all to you!



Natural Energy, Strength and Libido Support.

Nature’s Erection-Remedy Beats Diabetes-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

As if the low energy, weight battles, and constant monitoring of diabetes weren’t hard enough, doctors recently discovered a surge of cases where diabetes is snuffing out intimacy between couples. The cause is diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction. Which isn’t like “normal” erectile dysfunction that’s the result of low testosterone.

Diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction is something completely different.

When that happens, it becomes difficult for his “equipment” to operate correctly.

There’s a group of ingredients proven in studies to help reverse diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction specifically.

I won’t get too graphic. But diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction is something that literally burns out the nerves in one’s penis. The reason that happens is because erratic blood sugar causes heaps of damage to blood vessels — even those in a man’s genitals.

He’ll have trouble achieving or maintaining his erection. He may lose his libido. Or worse, he may feel so ashamed after it happens that he would rather avoid intimacy altogether because he doesn’t want to risk the humiliation again. But the good news is...

And it can restore passionate love-making to your relationship again. Because when these ingredients from nature are combined together, they’ll restore erection frequency, potency and overall drive.

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So whether you’re reading this for yourself, or for your partner, we’ve created a simple solution that any man can use from the privacy of his own home to become his reliable self in the bedroom again. It’s called NiagaraXL. Here are the potent ingredients inside:

Fenugreek — increased testosterone levels in men up to 46%1 as well as mood, libido and sperm count in a study from Lucknow, India.

Pine Bark — this ingredient works especially well for men with diabetes. One study found men with diabetes who took pine bark had a 45% increase in erectile function2 whereas men without diabetes only saw a 22% improvement.

Solomon’s Seal — known as a “miracle plant” in ancient Hebrew folklore, Solomon’s Seal has been shown to boost healthy aging, longevity and virility.

Saffron — one of the most powerful ingredients in nature to treat men with diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction. Studies showed significant improvements in erectile function, satisfaction and desire after as little as ten days when using this ancient aphrodisiac herb.

Mucuna Pruriens — an ancient Indian remedy for sexual dysfunction, mucuna pruriens helps to fix damaged nerves in the penis that occur as a result of diabetes. They also “switch on” the pleasure chemicals in his brain.

Horny Goat Weed — also helps reverse penile nerve damage and increases nerve growth in his penis while supporting blood flow to the pelvic region when the mood is right.

Korean Panax Ginseng — a blood flow boosting herb that supports healthy erections. Korean panax ginseng has also been called a “natural sex enhancer” by medical experts.

Maca Root — diabetes is a tough disease and can put a lot on a man’s mind, which is an underlying cause of some cases of erectile dysfunction. Maca root helps him naturally stress less, which helps ramp up his libido as a result.

Cordyceps — shown to increase testosterone, energy, sperm count, and boosts mood and sexual desire by 66% in studies.

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My patients — are deficient in the key nutrients and minerals which is included in NiagaraXL. I recommend trying this product to support and boost your testosterone performance naturally.



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